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Visit Our Plantar Feet Wart Removal Clinic in London

If your feet have developed a wart, you need to seek professional help. You can rid your skin of the painful growths with our wart removal procedure. R.L. Goossens, D.P.M. podiatric clinic in London provides effective feet wart removal treatment by using the latest swift treatment to completely remove stubborn and painful plantar warts from your feet. Our podiatrist combines extensive knowledge and experience to provide you and your family with the highest-quality, personalized care and relief in London.

How Does Swift Machine Work?

The swift machine does not affect the surface of your skin. It addresses the root of the problem by delivering low-dose microwave energy through a probe and targets the HPV virus, which is the root cause of the issue. The microwave energy stimulates a natural immune response in the body, prompting the immune system to attack the HPV virus. During the treatment, the wart gradually starts to shrink as your immune system goes to work. The process results in eliminating the wart.

What Are the Features of Swift Treatment?

It involves the application of microwave therapy to the wart.

It requires up to four treatment sessions.

Each treatment is spaced four weeks apart to keep up with the body’s immune cycle.

It is a noninvasive treatment that causes minimal discomfort

As the surface is not affected, no bandages are required.

You can go about your daily routine after each session.


What is the New Swift Treatment?

The new Swift treatment gives results where other treatments fail. Swift gets to the root cause of the problem - the HPV virus itself by activating the body's own immune system. Conventional wart treatments for warts and plantar warts may also cause harm to your skin - but Swift treatment delivers short bursts of microwave energy into the skin, beneath the external layers, without breaking the surface. You get the benefit of treatment without scarring.


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